Event Planners, allow us to introduce you to your new secret weapon: Custom Wood Designs' custom-branded wicker baskets. Our bespoke, high-quality baskets are the perfect addition to any event, capable of elevating the atmosphere while creating a lasting impression on your attendees.

  1. Gift Baskets: Our wicker baskets are perfect for creating unique, memorable gift baskets. You can fill them with special keepsakes, local delicacies, or branded items for your event. A custom-branded wicker gift basket can serve as a personalized thank-you to your guests, speakers, or sponsors, and it’s a gift they’re likely to use and remember long after the event.

  2. Raffle Baskets: Hosting a raffle or an auction? Our wicker baskets not only stylishly hold your prize items but also add a touch of sophistication and excitement to the draw. Imagine the anticipation as attendees see the branded basket filled with enticing items!

  3. Decorative Displays: Our baskets are not just functional – they're also a design element. Use them to hold programs, flowers, or themed decorations. Placed strategically, they can create visual interest and guide your guests' attention to important areas or information.

  4. Food and Beverage Service: If your event involves catering, our wicker baskets can be used to serve bread, hold bottles of wine, or present an array of snacks during coffee breaks. They are a perfect blend of functionality and style.

  5. Branding: With your logo on every basket, you ensure that your brand is visible throughout the event space, subtly reinforcing your identity and creating cohesion in your event design.

With Custom Wood Designs, you're not just purchasing a wicker basket. You're investing in a versatile tool that enhances your event, promotes your brand, and leaves your guests with a tangible, stylish keepsake. The possibilities are truly endless. Let our baskets be the detail that sets your event apart.

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