how Custom Wood Designs' custom-branded wicker baskets can be beneficial to hotels:

  1. In-Room Amenities: Welcome your guests with a basket of in-room amenities such as bottled water, local snacks, toiletries, a room service menu, and perhaps a personalized welcome note. This warm gesture of hospitality, coupled with your hotel's logo on the basket, creates an immediate positive impression and sense of brand connection.

  2. Breakfast Baskets: Start your guests' day on a high note by delivering a breakfast basket right to their door. Fresh fruits, warm pastries, and a selection of local jams and honey beautifully displayed in a branded wicker basket can provide a memorable breakfast experience.

  3. Turn-Down Service: Surprise your guests during the turn-down service with a basket filled with calming teas, gourmet cookies, or even a small bedtime book for those traveling with kids. A thoughtful gesture like this, presented in a branded basket, elevates your customer service and promotes brand loyalty.

  4. Spa Presentation: If your hotel has a spa, use our baskets to present towels, bathrobes, and spa products. The custom branding on the baskets further integrates your spa experience with your overall brand.

  5. Poolside or Beach Service: Provide beach towels, sun care products, or even a selection of reading materials in our branded baskets for guests to pick up on their way to the pool or beach. It's a practical service that subtly promotes your brand throughout your premises.

  6. Concierge Desk: Use our baskets at the concierge desk to hold maps, guides, and brochures for guests to take. The branded basket not only adds a stylish touch to your concierge desk but also reinforces your brand identity.

  1. Weddings and Events: Custom-branded wicker baskets can add a special touch to the weddings and events hosted at your hotel. Use them as attractive centerpiece containers, filled with flowers or themed decorations, for banquet tables. Or consider utilizing them to hold wedding favors, place cards, or programs at the entrance. For outdoor events, they could be used to distribute blankets or umbrellas, showing your attention to guests' comfort.

  2. Gift Baskets: Provide a customized gift basket in the room for wedding couples or event VIPs. Filled with luxury items like champagne, gourmet chocolates, local products, or spa vouchers, this is a way to leave a lasting impression and express your hotel's appreciation for choosing your venue.

  3. Event Catering: Use the baskets for presenting catering options during events. Whether it's a basket of fresh pastries at a morning meeting, or a selection of artisan bread during a banquet, the branded basket adds a touch of sophistication and keeps your brand visible throughout the event.

  4. Event Decor: Create stunning decor elements for your events using our wicker baskets. They could be used to create charming lantern holders, floral arrangements, or even to create unique signage displays.

By incorporating Custom Wood Designs' wicker baskets into your event planning, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the event but also create multiple touchpoints to impress your brand upon your guests. Their versatile nature makes them ideal for a variety of uses, while their high-quality craftsmanship ensures they add to the upscale atmosphere of any event. From weddings to corporate meetings, our baskets can help make any event at your hotel a branded, memorable experience.

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