In the retail world, presentation is key. From the storefront window to the point of sale, every detail matters. That's where Custom Wood Designs' custom-branded wicker baskets come into play.

  1. Product Displays: Our wicker baskets are perfect for creating eye-catching product displays. Arrange your products in our baskets to create a rustic, homely feel that invites customers to explore. They are perfect for grouping related items together, such as bath and body products, gourmet foods, or small clothing items like scarves and socks.

  2. Point of Sale: Place one of our baskets at your point of sale to hold impulse buy items. Customers waiting in line will appreciate having something to look at and may even add a few more items to their purchase.

  3. Branded Merchandise: Consider selling your own branded wicker baskets as part of your merchandise. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to bring home a practical and beautiful piece of your brand.

  4. Seasonal Displays: Our wicker baskets can be filled with seasonal decor to create an enticing window or in-store display. Whether it's Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, or summer sale items, a basket display is sure to draw customers in.

  5. Branding: With your logo elegantly displayed on each basket, every use becomes a subtle branding opportunity. It’s a fantastic way to keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds.

  6. Storage: Use our baskets to stylishly store items in your store, from extra inventory to cleaning supplies. They keep your store looking tidy while maintaining your aesthetic.

Why should retail stores choose our wicker baskets? Custom Wood Designs offers unparalleled craftsmanship, robust materials, and the ability to add your unique brand logo to each basket. Our baskets aren't just containers - they're a branding statement, a merchandising tool, and a testament to your store's commitment to quality and style.

Enhance your retail environment with our versatile, custom-branded wicker baskets. They are a charming addition that can transform your retail space and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

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