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Consultation 10 min

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Consultation 10 min

CWD Custom Wood Designs: 10-Minute Pre-Meeting Consultation Overview

Objective: To establish a preliminary understanding of your project needs and how CWD Custom Wood Designs can bring your vision to life.

Duration: 10 minutes

Platform: Zoom Video Call


  1. Introduction (2 minutes)

    • Brief mutual introductions.
    • Overview of CWD Custom Wood Designs' services and expertise.
  2. Understanding Your Needs (3 minutes)

    • Quick overview of your business and the specific project.
    • Outline your goals, expectations, and any specific requirements (e.g., sustainability, mass production capabilities).
  3. Our Services and Experience (2 minutes)

    • Highlight relevant experience and past projects similar to your needs.
    • Briefly showcase our capabilities in custom design, mass production, and sustainability.
  4. Initial Recommendations (2 minutes)

    • Provide

first impressions and potential approaches based on the initial information shared.

  • Suggest possible solutions or product lines that might align with your project.
  1. Next Steps and Setting Detailed Consultation (1 minute)
    • Discuss the process for scheduling a more detailed follow-up consultation.
    • Outline what information or materials would be helpful for you to prepare for the next meeting.

Key Points to Note for the Meeting:

  • Be Concise: With only 10 minutes, it's important to stay focused and concise in discussing the key points.
  • Clarify Your Key Needs: Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your project – whether it’s custom branding, specific product types, or unique design elements.
  • Open to Suggestions: Be open to initial suggestions and recommendations, as these can be explored further in subsequent, more detailed consultations.

Post-Meeting Follow-Up:

  • A brief summary email will be sent to you, recapping the discussion points and the agreed-upon next steps.
  • A link or instructions for scheduling the detailed follow-up consultation will be provided.

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